Canicross : 3 good reasons to run with your dog!

The days are getting longer and the nice weather is coming back, the opportunity for the most sporty among us to get some fresh air and to take advantage of it to indulge in their outdoor physical activities. One of the most popular activities is running, which can be done alone, with others or even with your dog! In competition, or simply for fun, canicross is a moment of sport sharing more and more widespread between dog and owner. Are you still a novice or are you hesitating to take the plunge? Discover 3 good reasons to run in duo!

1/ It’s good for your health and your dog’s

As you already know, regular physical activity is essential to stay in good shape, and the same goes for your faithful companion! Running is beneficial for your heart, to evacuate stress and clear your mind, to build up your whole body…
Also, the calories burned during this effort help fight against overweight and obesity, a pathology that is increasingly common in dogs, but also in humans!

2/ It’s good for his education and your complicity

Making your dog run is not a problem, but making him run correctly is not necessarily innate! He has to learn to obey you regarding the directions to take, to know how to keep a reasonable and rather regular running rhythm, to get familiar with the canicross equipment… All this requires some training sessions beforehand, as well as progressive exercises. Also, outings and walks are always a moment of joy for your pet as well as a unique opportunity to be together.

3/ It’s motivating to run in a team

Running alone can sometimes seem boring? If you are accompanied by your faithful companion, monotony will no longer exist! If you have a busy day and this can sometimes slow you down, grab your dog’s harness and leash, and listen to the sound of the dog’s voice and watch how happy he is to go for a walk with you! What could be more motivating than this contagious happiness to give you the desire to exercise together?

Canicross : Tips and precautions

Can all dogs run?

At first glance, yes, but some breeds are more willing than others, such as hunting dogs, sled dogs or retrievers.
On the other hand, brachycephalic breeds of dog, such as the Bulldog, the Pekingese or the Pug, are not the most comfortable with intense physical activity. Indeed, their flattened muzzle does not allow them a correct ventilation, necessary for the practice of a sport.
It is also not recommended to have a dog that is overweight or has respiratory, joint or heart problems run right away.
Your dog must enjoy running and, above all, must have the physical abilities to do so. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice before embarking on the canicross adventure!

At what age can a dog run?

You should never have a puppy in tow. Its growth is not finished, its skeleton and its joints are still fragile. In the case of an older dog, you should not make him work too hard or too long.

What are the best places to go?

You should prefer to run on safe, quiet trails, away from traffic and potential dangers. If you have to run in the evening when the light is low, there are reflective saddlery accessories to ensure your pet’s safety by making it easily visible.

How to equip yourself?

To ensure total comfort for your duo and above all, to avoid discomfort and injuries, you must equip yourself with special canicross equipment. Indeed, there are reinforced harnesses that allow your dog to be perfectly at ease, totally free of its movements and without risk of rubbing on its skin. For you, it is advisable to use a shock absorbing leash to be attached to a canicross belt in order to absorb shocks and to have your hands free while having control of your animal in case of need. Also, don’t forget to bring a water bottle or a travel bowl as well as fresh water to keep your four-legged friend hydrated.