Can my cat get cold?

As you watch your cat enjoying the outdoors on a winter’s day, you wonder about one thing: can he get cold? Yes, this is a legitimate question to ask yourself during the winter season when your feline does not hesitate to go outside while the temperatures feel more like staying at home! Wouldn’t he be better off in the warmth of a heated home? Answer in this article!

The answer is obviously, yes! Just like humans, cats can feel the cold, but not in the same way. Their organism is more resistant than ours, but only if they are used to outdoor walks, in any season.

Indeed, they have a coat with an undercoat which offers them a better insulation as well as a better robustness in front of the coolness. Outdoor cats, who are therefore used to regular outings, have a dense protective coat rich in undercoat. Of course, in the case of a long-haired cat, resistance to cold is even more important.

Fall shedding allows outdoor cats to have a fuller, harder coat in winter to better cope with cooler temperatures. In the case of an indoor cat, therefore used to the rather soft and constant atmosphere of a house, the moult is less important and the coat less thick. It is therefore very important not to suddenly put outside a cat that is not used to going outside and that has not had a moulting episode that would allow it to properly face the winter season.

Also, if your cat spends most of his time outside, it is important that he has a place to take refuge from the wind and humidity. The best thing to do is to install a cat flap system on your door that allows your cat to decide when to come and go without asking for your assistance as a personal doorman!

In conclusion, rest assured that your little feline knows what is good for him! If he ventures outside when the weather seems a bit chilly, it means he’s not really cold!
But, of course, whether it’s a dog or a cat, no pet should be left in the cold all the time in the middle of winter, especially during a cold snap. Outdoor walks should be occasional and he should have the possibility to take shelter when he wants.
Also, since outdoor living conditions are more difficult during extreme cold, you can increase your cat’s daily ration of kibble and, of course, he should also have constant access to clean water.