Animal that Bites: What to do?

The dog is a very popular animal. But, it is important to know that every owner can, one day or another, be confronted with the fact that his animal starts to bite without knowing why. We will therefore be interested in biting dogs.
First of all, you must know the difference between a puppy bite and an adult dog bite. The first situation is almost harmless and appears, for example, when the puppy starts to make his teeth which make a growth spurt. This case is temporary and of little concern. On the other hand, bites received by an adult dog are to be taken more seriously because they generally indicate a behavioral disorder. The owner’s goal is to understand the origin of his dog’s aggressiveness. It could be anxiety, nervousness or any other reason. Here are more details on the subject to be able to remedy it.

Why does my dog bite?

When an owner observes that his dog is biting more or less regularly, it is essential to know the underlying reason to avoid this concern getting worse and the dog becoming really nasty. A dog’s chewing is normal in situations where it shows affection and when it plays with humans and animals around it. This type of biting is only part of moments of excitement that are under control and not dangerous.

However, a real dog bites for a specific reason. You should not wait too long to detect it. Indeed, an adult dog, whatever its breed, will tend to bite regularly because it has an invisible pain or because it has undergone a trauma (human handling among others). A dog can also start biting out of fear or threat. Similarly, a dog that bites becomes bitten if it lacks socialization with animals and if its training has been inadequate.

How do I stop my dog from biting?

When a dog starts biting, the owner must do everything in his power to prevent his pet from continuing this undesirable behavior. Here are some recommendations to take into account so that this attitude of the dog stops as soon as possible:

  • The dog must know the basic commands of dog training such as recall, sit, down, stand, stay, here and stop. The fact that the dog reacts to these important commands will already prove that he obeys his master correctly.
  • To prevent a puppy from becoming a biter in the future, the first thing to do is to train him well with treats as rewards, with or without petting. This system of education will allow him to assimilate the right behaviors to adopt.
  • The dog must have a positive and progressive education to avoid biting later. This is based on the relationship between the dog and his owner. The latter must remain the dominant one in the hierarchy that they constitute. A dog that bites will prove the opposite: it becomes the dominant one. It is therefore important to avoid this situation at all costs through good training.
  • Finally, to prevent your dog from biting, you can call on professionals who will guide you on the right path with your dog.

What precautions should be taken in case of a dog bite?

If a dog has unfortunately already bitten someone, you must have the right reflexes. The consequences for the person bitten can vary from one case to another. The person concerned may have superficial wounds or even infestations in the least serious cases. On the other hand, for the most serious cases such as deep wounds or those located in the face, hospitalization will be necessary.

In case of a bite, the owner is responsible. He must have updated his dog’s vaccination record, have carried out a veterinary examination of his animal as well as a rabies check. He will insure and take care of the injured dog and may be fined in case of a complaint.

DO NOT: Our Recommendations

There are some tips to consider to prevent your dog from continuing to bite:

  • It is not recommended to continue a game with the hand. The dog will become too accustomed to playing like this and will become even more nervous and aggressive.
  • It is also important to avoid removing the hand violently when playing as well. The dog may become overexcited and may bite again.
  • The owner should also avoid having a forceful relationship with the dog’s mouth. This will encourage the dog to use its teeth and, therefore, to bite.
  • The owner must also be careful not to be aggressive towards his animal. He should not yell at it either.

Therefore, this guide on biting dogs will provide you with all the necessary advice on how to best deal with this very annoying situation. This is especially true if there are children around the dog. Try to understand the real reasons for the biting and everything should be back to normal quickly. If this is not the case, you should not hesitate to ask for the advice or help of a dog trainer or a veterinarian to manage your dog’s aggressiveness.