All about the Cane Corso!

Big tough guy with a soft heart, discover the Cane Corso, an excellent guard and companion dog. Docile and affectionate, he is very devoted to his owners and is therefore perfectly suited for family life.

Where does the Cane Corso come from?

The Cane Corso is a breed of dog that originated in southern Italy and is a descendant of the “canis pugnax”, the Roman molosser.
First of all, the Italian word “cane” means “dog”. In order to find the origin of the term “corso”, two explanations are presented. The first one is that this dog was previously used by the Italians during the Roman Empire as a guard for property or people. The term “corso” would therefore have a direct relationship with the Roman cohort, a praetorian guard with the function of a bodyguard. Second explanation, “corso” means “court”, thus translating “cane corso” as “court dog” designating a guard of excellence.

The character of the Cane Corso

First of all, it is an active and athletic dog that needs space to exercise and stay in shape. This is fundamental for its good physical and mental balance.

Although athletic, the Cane Corso also likes to relax. It is a calm and affectionate dog that is perfectly suited to a family with children, whose company it particularly enjoys.

Concerning its education, it is advisable to show firmness as soon as possible and not to let itself be tenderized by its continual unhappy glance! It is imperative to know how to impose your rules on him, especially since he is an intelligent and rather stubborn dog. Once adult, he will become a very big dog that you will have to know how to control in all circumstances. It is therefore necessary to show character and firmness.
If he understands what you expect from him, he will follow you without hesitation thanks to his devoted and faithful nature.

An excellent guard dog for individuals, you can trust him to defend his territory efficiently and without fail. Although sociable, be careful, because this protective and devoted character, make the Cane Corso a rather distrustful dog towards people he doesn’t know.

The physique of the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large breed dog with a robust and very athletic physique. At first glance, its natural elegance is synonymous with strength and solidity. It is widely used as a working dog for defense, police, tracking or as a guard dog.

The male Cane Corso measures between 64 and 68cm while the smaller female is between 60 and 64cm. As for its weight, a male weighs between 45 and 60kg while a female is in a smaller range of 40 to 45kg.

Its short coat can be black, a shade of gray more or less dark, light or dark fawn or brindle or black brindle with the possibility of spots on the chest and / or muzzle.

Cane Corso in daily life

On a daily basis, its sporting nature must be respected and its needs of physical expenditure satisfied. You can therefore practice canine sports activities with him like agility or canicross. He will also appreciate long walks in your company.
Versatile dog, the Cane Corso can also adapt to a patachonne life, but still punctuated with physical sessions.

It is a rather sociable dog whose cohabitation with other dogs or other animals is possible provided that its socialization in front of its cases was taken in hand early.

Given its giant morphology, its food must necessarily be of very good quality in order to preserve its joints and its muscles and to cover its needs in energy, all the more if it exerts itself physically. The daily quantity of kibble to be delivered must be proportional to its size, thus rather important.

Finally, its physical maintenance is not too constraining. Its short coat requires a brushing from time to time as well as an inspection after each walk in order to locate possible undesirable elements. Also, its floppy ears need regular cleaning as well as its eyes.