Adopt a kitten

You have chosen to adopt a kitten. In order for everything to go well with your new little companion when you welcome him/her home, a minimum of anticipation and organization is required.

Where to find a kitten?

Pet stores are best avoided. Prices are often prohibitive. And it’s quite common to find kittens in poor health that may have some very sad surprises in store for you once you get home. You might as well take a minimum of precautions and guarantees.

Buying a kitten from a serious breeder is a guarantee of quality. The coordinates of different breeders can be communicated to you by the existing cat associations or breed clubs. If you hesitate about the breed, ask yourself how much time you will have to devote to its maintenance. Some breeds, such as Persians, require daily care to enhance their beauty. If you find this too demanding, do not choose this type of cat. Think carefully before you take the plunge.

The best way, if you don’t want a pedigree kitten, is still adoption. There are few kittens in shelters, but some cat associations may offer some. Many individuals also offer kittens through classified ads in veterinarians’ offices or in local shops. Ask for more information.

Male kitten or female kitten ?

You want a cat but you don’t know which sex to choose. Personalities are different from one cat to another. It is important to know that the heat of the cat could be a painful moment in your cohabitation. The cat can also prove to be particularly unbearable during this same period. You will have to find a solution whether it is a male or a female: sterilization or castration if of course you do not plan to breed your animal. Male castration is a simpler, less expensive and less difficult operation than female sterilization. If you wish to start breeding, your objectives will be totally different.

At what age to welcome a kitten?

The “ideal age” to welcome a kitten is around three months. At this age, socialization will be easier to undertake. From his mother to you, the transition will happen by itself.

Your kitten’s arrival at home

This moment is not to be overlooked: it’s the beginning of your relationship with your baby cat. When you go to pick him up, bring a basket or a box. The basket should be comfortable and closed so that the cat is not disturbed. Line the bottom of the basket with a newspaper or a cloth in case he gets scared to urinate. Don’t forget how traumatic it can be to leave your mother…

At first, avoid too much agitation. Children who are very excited at the thought of the kitten’s arrival can frighten this “baby”.

A kitten also requires special care and an adapted diet: make sure that everything is ready for its arrival, and think about its education: a cat needs to be educated!