A cat tree adapted to my feline’s needs

A cat tree can be compared to an aerial playground for felines. It looks just like a small tree with branches. This structure can measure a meter in height, sometimes more, for the most imposing of them. It is made of solid wood and a trunk to which are attached various platforms joined by one or more stairs. The platforms of the tree can accommodate small constructions made of light materials, which can be used as shelters, or better yet, as hiding places for cats. A characteristic element of the cat tree is undoubtedly the scratching post. It allows, among other things, the cat to get rid of its dead claws.

The cat tree, an essential accessory for the cat’s physical equilibrium.

On an open space made of grasses, butterflies and tiny animals, the cat can easily exercise his hunting skills, which allows him to exercise physically and thus preserve his balance. But our modern homes do not allow the cat to physically exercise. The presence of a cat tree fortunately helps to solve this difficulty. Its composition responds in a specific way to the cat’s regular need to expend its energy. Placed at the top of the structure, the animal, whose hunting instinct is awake, can discreetly observe its environment and jump, the next moment, on the “prey” connected to the structure. The fact that his “prey” is constantly moving is a permanent source of distraction for him, which makes him spend as much energy as possible. Moreover, the huts positioned on the tree are real hiding places for him, an essential aspect of his life as a predator. There are also the claws that the tree is adorned with and that allow it to practice one of the activities that are specific to predators: exercising its claws. A cat toy par excellence, the cat tree has become a familiar sight in homes. It can be ordered at an online pet store.

What types of cat trees exist?

There are three main categories of cat trees: small cat trees, medium cat trees and large cat trees. Small cat trees are ideal for small cats or kittens. Kittens can have fun in them without falling down, which could be fatal to them. Falling from such tall structures can break their fragile limbs. Medium cat trees are suitable for cats that are neither too small nor too large. These structures, like the first ones, do not take up a lot of space and blend easily with the decor of the house. Giant structures are often used when raising large cats or several cat families. They can measure up to three meters in length.

What are the essential criteria for choosing a cat tree?

The choice of a cat tree must be made by taking into consideration various parameters.

What are the feline’s habits?

It is necessary to be observant and to identify the feline’s ways of behaving. Where does he like to lie down to sleep ? What is his favorite place to eat his food? How high does he like to stand ? These are all questions that will help you choose the ideal cat tree.

What is the place for the play structure?

Before acquiring a cat tree, it is necessary to think about its location. Is there enough space for it? Will it be easily accessible to the cat? Will it offer an unobstructed view of its surroundings? A place that is too secluded will not be suitable for a cat that likes to play. Some owners prefer to place their tree near a window or patio door, which is an ideal position for these curious animals.

Are the equipment and its accessories solid?

If you own a large cat or several medium sized cats, you must ensure the solidity of your equipment. While playing, cats will deploy a force that can quickly damage it if it is fragile. Therefore, choose a cat tree that offers optimal resistance and stability. To determine the robustness of a cat tree, you need to take a look at the thickness of its base and the number of posts needed to mount it. The higher the number, the stronger and more stable the tree will be. The weight of the tree is another element that determines its strength. Scratching posts, indispensable elements of a cat tree, must be able to resist repeated assaults by felines. Also make sure that the tree contains shelters where the cat can take refuge and several staircases that allow quick access to the top.

How high should the cat tree be?

As mentioned above, the size of a cat tree will depend on the size of the animal. A kitten will be able to make do with a small tree and modest scratching posts. Conversely, a taller cat will prefer a higher dominant height. Either way, prefer a structure where you can reach your cat by simply extending your arms. This way, Kitty won’t occupy an inaccessible position.

Can we change the post of a cat tree if it is damaged?

The cat tree is an assembly of objects that can be disassembled. If one of its components, such as the replacement post, is damaged, simply contact an online pet store. You are under no obligation to buy a new cat tree.
In short, the cat tree is a must for anyone who wants to preserve the physical health of their pet. However, it is important to choose it with common sense.