5 safety accessories for walking your dog at night

While evening walks are highly prized by dogs, it’s a good idea to take a few precautions before heading out into the dark. With winter upon us, consider equipping yourself and your pet for safety. The key is visibility. You need to see what’s around you, but most importantly, you need to be seen. Here are a few accessories that can improve your visibility, and thus promote your safety during your next night walks with your dog.

1/ The safety vest

The safety vest, or reflective vest, is a very easy to use safety accessory. You just have to put it on your dog’s chest and attach it with velcro. This vest allows your dog to be visible to pedestrians, but also in the headlights of a car, for example. It is an easy and effective way to make your dog’s presence known in the dark. In places where there is no lighting, this accessory is a real must-have to ensure your safety. Moreover, remember to wear a vest in the darkest places in order to remain visible to your dog and to motorists.

2/ The reflective bandana

Made of the same reflective material as the safety vest, the bandana is tied around the neck and does not cover your dog’s body. Its purpose is the same: to give visibility, but on a smaller surface. It is a good alternative if you are used to walking in places with a minimum of light. It allows you to be seen by motorists and cyclists in traffic in the city.

3/ The luminous collar

Still with the aim of giving your dog maximum visibility, there are many lighted collars, especially with LEDs. This technology can be applied to the collar, the leash or the harness. Whether they are equipped with LEDs or reflective strips, lighted collars are an effective way to make your pet visible.

4/ The lighted harness

If for you, walking rhymes more with harness than collar, there are also references of harnesses for night walks. The advantage of the harness is that your dog’s body is much more defined. The concept is exactly the same as the lighted collar, except that the harness allows motorists and cyclists to identify the presence of a dog more quickly. Again, it all depends on where you are walking. Be aware of the potential danger for you and your dog.

5/ The bell

Despite all the equipment and lighting accessories you can use, if you ever lose sight of your dog and you are in the dark, think of hanging a bell or a bell on his collar. This way, even if you don’t see him for a few moments, you’ll soon hear him.

Loving your pet means thinking about its safety first. For your night walks, think of these accessories which, in addition to being easy to use, do not hinder your dog’s movements at all. On the contrary, it allows you to keep eye contact and reassure him in all circumstances.