5 BARF diet recipes for dogs

The BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet refers to a natural diet, suitable for human consumption, consisting primarily of digestible raw foods. Known in France as biologically appropriate raw food, this diet for dogs is gaining popularity for animal health and well-being.
Respectful of the carnivorous diet of domestic dogs, test 5 BARF recipes without risk for your pet. For each recipe, you’ll need to adjust the quantities according to your pet’s age, weight and sedentary or athletic profile. Roughly speaking, you can provide up to 70% bone or lean meat and up to 30% fruits and vegetables. Animal nutrition experts recommend cooking the meat for 3 minutes in a broth at 70° to eliminate any bacteria without altering the nutritional quality.

1/ Raw chicken from the chef

Pour rice into boiling water with a teaspoon of olive oil. Do not add salt.

Cook for 15 minutes. While humans prefer al dente rice, dogs love well-cooked starches.

You can add beef court bouillon to flavor the rice.

Mix the cooked rice with the chopped chicken. If it is a chicken carcass, make sure the bones are the right size for the dog’s mouth.

2/ Gourmet beef tenderloin

Ground beef is still an option, especially for a puppy. But you can also cut the beef into small pieces for better chewing and a more intense taste experience for your dog.

Add a raw egg, diced vegetables such as carrots, a portion of frozen pumpkin, spinach leaves and broccoli.

Mix with plain yogurt and drizzle a spoonful of salmon oil over the prepared dish before serving. Delicious!

3/ Duck breast from the Landes

Reserve a few slices of duck breast, carcass or liver if you have any left.

Add some cottage cheese to bind it all together.

Cabbage and a small apple for the transit will finalize this typically Landes dish. Enjoy your meal!

4/ Fish with cooked vegetables

Depending on the week’s shopping, offer your dog a can of sardines, salmon or tuna, without oil or salt if possible.

Be sure to remove any bones that could choke your pet. Clean the fish and remove the scales and skin.

Peel and cut into small pieces some carrots, potatoes, peppers and spinach.

Cook the vegetables well, but keep the fish raw.

Mix everything together in a bowl and serve fresh to your dog. What a treat!

5/ Tender veal

Cut up a veal tenderloin, some beef hearts and two veal ribs.

Slice a large carrot or two small carrots.

Add green beans and coconut shavings.

Protein and exoticism are the order of the day in this tempting menu! Your dog will tell you all about it.

Keep in mind! These BARF menu ideas are really simple to put into practice in your kitchen. Isn’t it easier to make the same meals for the whole family, including your pet? The answer seems obvious… Sports activities should not be neglected, in addition to a balanced diet. You can also do sports with your dog to harmonize a good health throughout your life as a couple or more.