5 advantages of having your pet insured

Having a pet at home requires a lot of responsibility. You provide the basics like food, bedding and toys, but like you, you have to think about your pet’s health and potential expenses. Many people only think about the cost of vaccinations and spaying or neutering, but your pet’s health may need more extensive and urgent care, requiring money quickly. This is where pet insurance can help.

Be covered in case of unexpected events

If an animal is the victim of an accident or suddenly falls ill, the insurance reimburses the veterinary expenses to the owners upon presentation of an invoice. Depending on the insurance company, several plans are offered to suit your pet’s needs as well as yours; some even cover basic recurring care.

Coping with rising costs

With today’s technological advances, surgeries, treatments and tests are becoming more and more expensive. Diseases such as diabetes or cancer are not curable in one procedure, and the bills add up over the course of your pet’s life. But your pet deserves the best when it comes to his or her health, so your insurance will ensure you have access to the best care for your pet.

Coverage for everyone

The more care your pet receives from a veterinarian, the more likely he or she is to stay healthy and age well. Just as with humans, insurance companies offer plans and options that are tailored to your needs, your pet’s needs and your budget. From simple routine care to emergency care such as surgery or infectious diseases, you will find a plan that suits you to better protect your pet. With insurance, you never have to choose between your wallet and your pet.

Ease of access and use

More and more pet insurance companies are available today; applying for coverage is very quick online; so are claims. All you have to do is submit your claim with the veterinarian’s invoice and the insurance company will reimburse you within a short time by check or wire transfer. Plus, you can choose the vet you want; if you travel with your pet, your insurance will cover you no matter what, according to the options you set with your insurer.

A better quality of life for your pet

Insuring your pet can give you peace of mind that you’ll have enough to pay for unexpected or ongoing veterinary expenses that suddenly arise. You’ll always be able to do what’s right for him, not what you can only afford to do to keep him healthy.