3 feeder ideas for songbirds!

During the coldest months of the year, birds of the air lack food. It is then simple to help them find it easily by installing a feeding point in our gardens as soon as the first frost. Our DIY workshop offers you 3 ideas to make your own feeder!

1/ The bottle feeder

Punch a plastic bottle twice on both sides at two different heights. Slide through two wooden spoons that will serve as a perch as well as a seed container. Drill a hole in the center of the bottle cap and thread a string through it to hang it upright on a tree branch. Finally, fill with small seeds!

2/ The orange feeder

Instead of throwing away the orange peels, keep them to transform them into a natural feeder! First, simply hollow out an orange cut in half. Then pierce it with 2 parallel holes and thread a piece of string through each hole. Finally, tie the pieces of string together by making them meet above the orange. You now have a hanging seed feeder! For a more generous version, you can use a grapefruit.

3/ The “grease loaf” mug

We all have dishes in our cupboards that we no longer have a use for, including mugs! Take advantage of this opportunity to recover one and transform it into a grease loaf container for the birds in your garden.
Simply melt some lard and stir in some seeds off the heat. Pour the mixture into the mug, place a stick/perch in it and set in the refrigerator.
Finally, tie a piece of string or a carabiner to the handle of the mug and hang it from a tree branch.