10 incredible insect facts!

1- How many insects are there in the world?

Scientific studies estimate that about 90% of living species are insects. There are several reasons for this:

Their remarkable ability to reproduce.
Their small size, which allows them to hide easily from predators.
Their exoskeletons, which protect them in an optimal way.
For some, their wings, which allow them to flee quickly and get to safety.

2- Do you know beetles?

From the beetle family, they represent about 40% of insect species. More than 380,000 species have been described to date.

3- How many ants are there in the world?

Do you like to observe ants in summer? Know that for every human, there are 1.4 million ants.

4- Are there insects in Antarctica?

While insects have been discovered almost everywhere on Earth, there is only one species of insect living in Antarctica. It is a midge, the Belgica Antarctica. It measures between 0.2 and 0.58 cm, however it is the largest terrestrial species present in Antarctica. It resists to the freezing of its body fluids because it absorbs sunlight to warm itself.

5- Are there insects in the oceans?

The oceans are the only places where there are no insects. It is assumed that the absence of plants for their food as well as for their habitat explains this absence. Another hypothesis suggests that the oceans are the preserve of their cousins the crustaceans.

6- How do insects breathe?

Unlike humans, insects do not breathe through their mouths. Holes in their exoskeletons allow them to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

7- Do insects have blood?

Insects do not have blood but hemolymph. Organs are bathed in this hemolymph. Their hearts along the back of the animal contract to send the hemolymph to the head. The hemolymph is light in color but can also be yellowish or greenish.

8- When did the first insects appear?

The oldest insect fossil is about 400 million years old. It is assumed that they are among the very first animals, and that they were present about 170 million years before the arrival of the dinosaurs.

9- What is the largest insect?

The largest known insect is an ancient species of dragonfly called Meganeuropsis, or griffinfly with a wingspan of up to 0.8 meters. It was a hunter of insects and small amphibians. It lived about 250 to 290 million years ago.

10- What is the longest insect?

The longest known insect is a species native to the island of Borneo, it is the Phobaeticus chani. It can measure up to 66 cm.

What is the heaviest insect?
The heaviest known insect is a species of locust native to New Zealand. It is the giant Weta. It can weigh up to 500 grams.

What is the smallest insect?
The smallest known insect is the Mymaridae from Costa Rica. It is a species of wasp whose male is barely 0.139 mm.